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Sitka Zahid is an enterprise that produces and sells metal products throughout Ukraine. We provide consumers with a wide range of high quality products and services. All divisions of the West Network can be seen on the map of the company's Regional Network.
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Sitka Zahid

Mesh West is an official Ukrainian manufacturer, supplier of hardware products, on the market since 2005. Thanks to the powerful productive base more than 15 years is engaged in wholesale and retail realization of a grid and fences, offers the goods where the price corresponds to quality.

Over the past 5 years, we have grown more than 10 times, the staff has 1000+ employees. The network of 16 branches in the cities of Ukraine allowed to expand productive bases and availability of goods for consumers. Production takes place at plants in Kyiv, Chernivtsi and Lviv.

The company's mission is to ensure the reliability of construction sites and protect private, industrial and commercial areas.
The sale is carried out both wholesale and retail - at retail outlets and online. The online store gives you the opportunity to pick up goods from all over the country. By flipping through the catalog and price list from the gadget, you can buy what you want without leaving home or office.

The products of our production meet the quality certificates not only according to GOST of Ukraine, but also the European certificates. The pride of the company is to receive the CE marking in 2018. European experts came to the plant to check the quality of workmanship, automated welding, durable heat-resistant coating and appearance of products. They noted that the company ranks first in quality in Ukraine and is one of the leaders in the European market. The samples passed all tests and tests in the laboratory, and the company received a Quality Certificate in the field of "Steel wire and wire products for fencing and mesh" CE 1822901, Mesh West became the first and so far the only owner of the highest level certificate in Ukraine, which is official quality confirmation and product safety for the consumer.

Compliance of products with European quality standards has opened the way for the company to foreign markets in Europe. We have opened a representative office in Poland and now the products can be ordered not only in Ukraine, but also in Germany, Poland, Romania, Latvia and France, where the product is in high demand.

Over the years, the company has gained the image of a responsible and innovative manufacturer. Constant updating of machines and equipment to more innovative, facilitated the transition from manual to computerized. Automated technology has taken production to the highest level and accelerated it. Production capacity allows to make one section in 47 seconds.

Why Grid West?

The company provides a full range of services in fencing systems, including installation so that the customer can buy beautiful turnkey fences without undue difficulty, both for private homes and cottages, and industrial and commercial areas.
Working directly with the manufacturer, customers can order products cheaply, pricing is without intermediaries!
We also took care of delivery, the customer does not need to go to the warehouse, the goods arrive at the specified address.

Benefits of Grid West:

● quality is confirmed by the European certificate of the Council of Europe and the state GOST standards;
● low cost of the product in comparison with foreign analogues;
● products are available in warehouses in large quantities, delivery takes place within 14 days;
● free delivery to any point of Ukraine;
● we fulfill individual orders;
● flexible system of discounts;
● turnkey installation.

Prices can be compared and studied in more detail in the catalog of varieties of goods on the website of our company.

Classification of goods

The company specializes in the manufacture of metal building materials in the segment of mesh, fences and wire products.
At the customer's choice, we provide a grid of different types, which differs in wire thickness, cell size, height, width, length, coverage, weight and other features such as the presence or absence of stiffeners.

According to the general characteristics of the grid is divided:

  1. by the shape of the cell: square, rectangular;
  2. by size: large-, medium-, small-cell;
  3. by diameter: with minimal, medium and wide thickness;
  4. with different number of rods.

Types of grids in our catalog and its application:

1. Armopoyas - square masonry, construction mesh, used for concrete, installation of brick foundations, reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures, cladding works. This is a reinforced protection of buildings from deformation due to adverse factors and loads.
2. Welded - a universal type of building material created for the implementation of modern construction projects. Galvanized wire is used for production, the finished product has high strength and corrosion resistance. Welding mesh is used to solve many problems in the construction and agricultural sectors.
Areas of application:
○ basis for greenhouses and hotbeds;
○ plaster and painting grid for leveling walls and finishing works;
○ for cages of poultry, small and medium animals.
3. Cannulated, or corrugated - one of the strongest and anti-vandal, it is used to build cages and aviaries.

4. Wire mesh - a material of wire, made by their binding between them. To prevent corrosion, mechanical and other damage, in the process of production woven mesh is additionally treated with zinc or PVC. The latter is made from secondary raw materials. It is divided into two types: a grid of ferrous metal with a polymer coating, or, as it is called, plastic, and galvanized.

We deliver in panels, sheets or in a roll.

Now let's take a closer look at the range of fencing and construction nets. The most popular way to use the grid of our production is fencing. Check out the list we offer buyers:
1. Rigging sections with a reef of rigidity are a modular aesthetic and minimalist fence which is one of the most popular protections in many countries of the world. The fence is both galvanized and polymer. Use panel fences for fencing most objects, such as:
○ private houses and territories;
○ railways and highways, routes for various purposes;
○ airports, railway stations and other public places;
○ sports and children's playgrounds;
○ schools, universities and other educational institutions;
○ industrial factories and plants;
○ agricultural companies and farms;
○ solar and thermal power plants;
○ storage areas;
○ offices, commercial buildings;
○ parking.
2. Welded gabions - mesh construction, which in most cases is filled with natural stone. Used for shore protection and prevention of erosion, landslides. Gabions can also be bought and used as decorative elements for fencing, so box boxes are often used in landscaping.
3. Chain-link fence is the most durable type of fence, because the coating allows you to extend the life of the fence, while maintaining the aesthetic appearance.
We provide a full range of products for the installation of fencing. The client can buy not only a grid, but also accessories. The catalog presents additions to install a fence of different types:
● fastening;
● pillars;
● gates, metal gates;
● bolts;
● clamps;
● spirals;
● hooks;
● anchors.
The advantage of the mesh fence is that you do not need to paint, because thanks to the galvanized wire with a polymer coating, it does not corrode. This is a budget option that is able to perform high-quality protective functions and please the eye with its aesthetic appearance. The latter occurs, including due to color, because the green fence will perfectly complement the hedge.

We offer to buy wire - a material of the metallurgical industry, and pieces of steel wire for concreting and road construction, reinforcement of industrial floors and foundation slabs, called steel fiber.

Types of wire in the range:

  • low carbon;
  • galvanized;
  • polyester;
  • prickly.

We not only carry out wholesale and retail trade, but also provide services of installation of sectional fences and a grid of a chain-link fence. Installation is not difficult, you can handle it yourself. For convenience, the expert team has compiled detailed instructions on the photo installation of the fence, which can be found on the product page. The instructions describe in detail how to put a sectional fence of different types or stretch wicker fences. But if you want to use the fence, in accordance with the service life specified in the letter of guarantee - it is better to use the help of professionals. We measure the area, we make a site marking, inexpensively, quickly and qualitatively we establish a fence taking into account all subtleties, rules and nuances of installation. As a result, you get a strong and stable fence of the desired height, which will stand and stand for many years.

Our company is happy to help protect as many sites as possible and make even more structures strong, open to cooperation with new customers. In Sitka Zapad you will receive a profitable partner-manufacturer who offers a guarantee for high-quality products of own production.